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So Why Do We Put This Show On?

The “Over the Limit” Comedy Fest goes a lot deeper than producing a big comedy festival, it’s about coming together for a much greater cause.  The term “Over the Limit” is actually a play on words to elude to what we’re raising money for.. to end impaired driving in Frederick County and parts beyond.

The organization producing this event is none other than local nonprofit, The Safe Ride Foundation. A 501(c)3 charity, The Safe Ride Foundation implements several programs in the area that directly combat drunk driving, including the ever popular designated driving service SOS Safe Ride, an innovative and intuitive mobile app that will transport you home, in your own vehicle!

100% of the proceeds from The “Over The Limit” Comedy Fest will go directly towards keeping our roads safe in Frederick County. We humbly thank you for supporting this noble event and worthy cause, and invite you find out more at the links below.

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©2020 The "Over the Limit" Comedy Fest is a registered trademark under the Safe Ride Foundation. The Safe Ride Foundation is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization under all IRS Guidelines.
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